May Wedding Couple Spotlight

Kurry Cortright Wedding Couple Spotlight

Wedding Couple Spotlight

Bride/Groom Name:

Kurry Cortright

Bride/Groom Name:

Amber Cortright

Wedding Date:


Guest Count:


Engagement Date:






Where/How Did You Get Engaged:

Kurry proposed to me at my grandparents house in front of our whole family on thanksgiving. Like every thanksgiving year we go around saying what we are thankful for and that is when Kurry popped the question!

Easiest Part of Planning Process:

Picking out what catering company we wanted. Drew invited us to a tasting event where several different caterers set up a display to offer there best dishes for the wedding. As we walked around to each one we quickly knew who we was going to choose!

Another easy part of the planning process was choosing the willow event center. After being to several places none of them fit our budget for what they offered. The willow event center was perfect and on the plus side, our pockets did not hurt!

Challenging Part of Planning Process:

Not forgetting anything! Make sure to have a checklist on the day of. In my case I didn’t forget anything in fact I had it all and brought it to the venue to not only realize the day after the wedding I did not remember to give the moms / grandmas courage’s.

Favorite Part of Planning Process:

Putting the venue together was the best. Seeing all the decorations displayed on rehearsal night put me at ease for the day of the wedding.

Favorite Part of Wedding Day:

The reception was the best. Being able to let loose and be yourself was rewarding. Being able to have a drink and dance the night away with close friends and family was a must. The dance floor was very spacious which was great for everyone to join in.

Special Moment of Wedding Day:

After the ceremony and pictures, we were headed back inside for the reception when Kurry stopped me on the side of the building. Taking a couple seconds to kiss me and being cheerful about “we did it”. The fact he made a small moment just for us is special to me.

Honeymoon Location:

We stayed home! No honeymoon as we already have two kids to tend to, we jumped right back into reality.

Fun Fact About How You Met:

Kurry and I met through his brother chandler. Chandler and my sister Abigail became friends when they moved into town and when chandler realized I was around his brothers age he decided to bring Kurry to hangout the next day.

Advice To Future Couples:

Soak in the day & find a minute or two to have to yourselves! You will remember that moment forever.